Due to the rapid growth in population since last few years, number of patients to look after has increased as well. WeCare is dedicated to provide the best services to the users that can be accessed from anywhere! Our first priority is our user's health and to ensure this, we give them the best treatment and facilities. We provide features like Hospitals finding, fetching trending news, chatbot, medicine notification using prescriiption etc. Our goal is to make people fight with their health issues more efficiently anf easily.


Have your prescription with you? but forgetful as to when to take the medicines! Dont worry, just scan your prescription here and add the date and time to your calender. Our website will notify you!

Not sure about the hospitals nearby? Not to worry! We will help you show all the hospitals that are near your locality using the google maps

Have a question but no one to answer? Chill. We have our own forum where you can post your question and get it answered by all your users immediately

We also provide you with an app that takes permission to access all your contacts. This app will help you send SOS message to all your emergency contacts in case you feel uneasy with your health

Hey! I am chatbot. You can chat with me using text or speech , and I will try to answer your questions. Ask me anything for like "what is the weather?", "Hospitals nearby" or "Add a health issue" etc and I will help you.

Hospital is a good place for patients because there we have people who can guide us about our health right? But what about people at home? We have a section that tells us the Do's and Dont's about the health issues you addressed to us! Just try it out